Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rules & Guidelines for Sending Cards

These are the rules and guidelines about sending cards to our organization.
Follow this blog for all updates and information for new sessions (there will be a new session every 3 weeks).

Getting Started:

Step 1: Sign up for a session by sending us an e-mail at and indicate your name, location (province and area/city), and how many cards you are going to make.
Step 2: We will send you the address where you will ship to. There will be addresses in main parts of the country for easy accessibility. We will also send you the Card Labels and Shipping Form.
Step 3: Make your cards! (Follow guidelines and rules below!) Add the labels and fill out the form.
Step 4: Ship your box of cards to the address provided. Make sure your form is inside!
Make sure you make the deadline, so we can send out those cards!


1) When sending a box of cards, please print, fill out and include a Shipping Form in your package.
2) Write "Cards for Canadian Soldiers" on the back of each card you make OR print our Card Labels, cut them out and adhere them to the back of each card. Every card MUST have this label or written name so the soldiers and families know where it came from!
3) Donations are NOT ACCEPTED unless you are shipping to Southern Ontario (our "headquarters")
4) If you include envelopes for your cards, do not seal them please!

Guidelines for Cards:

1) A2 sized cards only, which are 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".
2) Envelopes (if you choose to include them) should only by A2 sized.
3) Always put white paper liners on the inside of every card (both top & bottom of inside, so the soldiers have lots of room to write!)
4) No glitter!!!
5) No large embellishments, simple is best.
6) Types of Cards: Missing You, Thank you, Love You, Anniversary, Birthday, and General cards. During holiday times, (Christmas, Valentines, etc.) we will tell you to send themed cards. Please NO Baby, Get Well Soon, etc.

Thank you!
For more information or if you'd like to make a comment or ask a question, e-mail us!!
Alyssa H.


  1. Hi Ladies!
    What a lovely idea ! Our military needs all the support we can give. Count me in. I have a few questions for you to clarify things.

    Can we use glitter glue , tattered angels or smooch on cards? I hardly know how to make them without! lol

    Do you supply boxes or do we?

    Is this perhaps the time to be doing Thanksgiving cards to send to them? By the time they are made, shipped ,sorted and reshipped my bet is it will be Sept. before any one gets these cards.

    How many cards at a time do we need to do? Do we do 1 of ea. or 6 Missing you (eg) cards?

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I will count you in, please e-mail me the amount of cards you wish to make. You can do any amount you'd like! And any combination of designs is fine. You aren't aloud to use glitter glue or tattered angels or smooch only because it could get on the soldiers and make them visible at night! You can buy inexpensive shipping boxes at your local post office. E-mail me for an address to send your cards. You can make Thanksgiving cards now, and they will get them around September.