Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shippers Needed!


Shippers are needed in order to being our first session of cards for the soldiers.
A shipper is someone who accepts all the packages of cards from members in their province or area.
They are responsible for shipping those boxes to Ontario, where they are sent through the Canadian Forces onto Afghanistan. They do not have to inspect the cards or do any additional work other than sending them off to Ontario.

*We are in need of 5 shippers!*
*1 in the B.C. area, 1 in the Saskatchewan area, 1 in Northern Ontario, 1 in Quebec, 1 in the East Coast!*

Please sign up to be a shipper by e-mailing us at:
Include your name, why you would be a responsible shipper and your exact location (province/city).

Thank you,
Alyssa H.


  1. Do u still need a shipper in bc? Also how does shipping costs work? Tha ks

  2. Would you like a shipper in Manitoba? Are we responsible for shipping costs?